iky means “I Know You”...

IKY is the World’s 1st Favorite Centric Social Networking App. It seeks to connect you to those seeking the same favorites as you.

Favorite of Favorites

Do you think you really know your favorite person perfectly?

Meet Like-Hearted

How do you feel if you meet someone who likes what you.

“Feel the real essence of love by finding a person who like what you like, who think how you think and enjoy which makes you happy with iky(I Know You)”

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for the better part of life

Explore Friends

Get to Know Friends Better

Anyone can enjoy the real sweetness of a relationship if it's possible to understand each other in a better way. Look into your friend's profile and know them better in iky

Search Specific

Find Out & Reach out to more

It's always a joy when we meet Like-Hearted people, iky is a platform powered with category and location-specific search to get you connected with people of your preference.

Check to Enjoy

Know Compatibility with Friends

Checking compatibility with loved ones always creates good memories from a young age. iky's same sweet fulfills and helps to find matches between favorite persons.

Finding the Best

Get to know your Best Person

Have you ever thought of meeting a perfectly matching person? & Are you a person who loves to meet random people?
Try iky AI Engine to search and find your connections

Share Happiness

Show off your Best Part with Real Pic

Spread the happiness of your happy moments by sharing real-time pictures. You can also walk through your buddy's real pictures to share the joy.

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