The real happiness when you met a like minded

Like mindedness is something we search in every person we see. You meet a person for the first time and the first thing you do is check what you like in common to keep a talk worthy about the things you both can be like minded about. In this fast moving era, we have no time to meet a person, know about the things they like and make it a healthy relationship. Knowing a person and understanding how well a relationship will work between the two of you and then building it could work today.

Isnít it an unexplainable exemplary feeling when you get to see someone with thoughts and likes just as you? It gives you space to talk and share the like mindedness you have on several things. Itís more or less like seeing yourself in someone and rejoicing in the happiness of it. Seeing yourself in someone is something we seek in every person we meet. We want to see if someone likes the same movie as you, the same hero as you do, the same food as you do, the same place as you do, the same book as you do to share the joy of liking things together and experiencing the joy of like mindedness that no ever joy in the world can replace. We can call it joy, happiness, bliss, ecstasy and many more but in reality the feeling it gives cannot fit into words to explain the tremendous contentment it can give you.

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