Jessica met her friend after 22 years!

Jessica is a fun loving, enthusiastic woman living in the city Melbourne who loves to talk, express herself and loves doing things whole heartedly. Jessica has a huge circle of friends whom she loves to spend time with but her heart always pondered over a friend who was long lost years ago during her 4th grade in school. All that she remembers is a friend of hers who is exactly like minded like her and someone she wanted to keep by her side until forever but destiny took them away. Her friend Moana had to move from Melbourne to another city in Australia during school. Jessica lost her contact with her friend right away. But faint memories of all the fun and laughter stayed in Jessica’s mind. Years later Jessica had a stroll through social media to find her long lost friend and finally it had happened. They had planned their reunion so memorably. But Jessica was quite anxious about the reunion as she wanted to do something for her friend so memorable but she knew nothing about what she has started to like and enjoy over the years. IKY was Jessica’s savior at that moment. Jessica got on IKY and surfed through Moana profile to find what Moana loves and what kind of a person Moana turned out to be over the years. With all the things that Jessica found from IKY about Moana, Jessica planned a surprise that was the most unforgettable moment in Moana’s life. She was so shocked to know how someone could craft an entire evening with her favourite things. IKY brought a day in their lives that they could never forget.

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