100% match between Micheal and Jeny

Modern problems need modern solutions. Who in this fast running world has the time to see every quality in a person and analyse every part of it to check how well a relationship can carry itself. Here is how and what Micheal and Jeny ended up doing. Micheal lives in Canada and he is a person who loves to travel, sport, drive and enjoy himself while also he is a very sincere engineer working in the IT earning a good sum of money. Micheal loves social media and he has his take on every platform enjoy it to its finest bits. Micheal created his fun loving exciting profile on IKY. He had adored every single one of his favourites from the bottom of his heart and has a skim and scam on IKY if there is someone who likes and adores the things MIcheal did. There comes Jeny, a match that no person could have ever searched and found in person. Micheal found Jeny geographically through his location with just one thought on mind, “Can I ever find one person who could think like me and like the things I like and live like a person I see as myself?”. Well, Micheal is quite lucky, he found himself in Jeny. Jeny was a person who was exactly like Micheal and she lived in Canada as well. They started to talk, fancy things, hang out together, adore the things they used to adore alone together and live a life that was a dream. What they liked was a perfect 100/100 and they were a perfect match on IKY. But Micheal and Jeny thought that this perfect match cannot end on IKY but a match that showed them that it is on made in heaven as well. Micheal and Jeny were a perfect couple with 100% IKY and life match, just made exactly for each other.

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