What's it that we cherish?

Very often we give presents to people we like. Be it your brother, sister, friend, colleagues, fiance or anybody, we give gifts that really speak of our love for the person and the efforts we take to make the person happy. Oh and do you remember how happy you were when you made the decision on what to buy? Do you remember how big of a smile you had on your face? You really like the present you thought of, don’t you? It’s something that you completely think is the perfect present. 

But here are some instances, imagine you decide to buy your brother a shirt for his 18th birthday. You really want to see him in the shirt you have bought for him. But do you know that he’ll love the shirt if it is in his favorite colour and will cherish it as the best gift this 18th birthday? 

On several occasions, we are just so indulged in the fact that we like what we are gifting and we completely forget what would be special to the person receiving the gift. It's some very small efforts that make your present mean way more than what you intended it to mean. Imagine receiving a bouquet made of your most favorite flowers in the colour you like. Doesn’t it feel so special? The person giving you the bouquet has gone an extra mile and found every small detail to make you happy. The moment you know that every detail of the gift is something that you loved, you are just so contended. It is this kind of happiness that every person in the world deserves. 

Here’s the best way to gift every person you love,  the happiness they deserve. It’s a key to directly reach their heart, they are the gifts with details they love. We know what you are thinking now. How do I find out the small things a person likes? 

Here’s IKY for you, spelling out every detail of a person’s favorite. Favorite colour, favorite flower, favorite actor, favorite movie and what not. Every favorite thing that’s deep down a person’s heart is now out in the universe on IKY  for you to know about and give a perfect gift that is completely special in every way. Find out every detail that you ever need to know to give the best gift to a person. Ultimately it's what they love that they end up cheristing forever. By getting a gift that is this special, it's not just the gift that’s going to be cherished but it's also you for all the efforts that you take for the person.

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