Opposite poles attract each other they say. Don't test it in a relationship!

Some sayings make so much sense in many situations. At some point we just find the most relatable saying and justify our thoughts with it. If you ever thought about opposites being attracted and your mind told you opposite poles attract, we’re here to tell you, don’t make the big mistake. Opposite poles do attract but opposite type of people do have retention, 

Imagine putting the saying to literal sense and deciding to be with a person who is a complete opposite of you. I can hear you both quarreling if it's pasta or pizza, Dhoni or Messi, blue or black, cat or dog, BMW or Benz, roses or lillies and it just goes on. Quarreling and fighting over the smallest things in life may not fulfill your dreams of a happy relationship. Life is much beyond all of that, it's about loving the perfect amount of cheese in your pasta together while watching your favorite genre series on your Netflix binge date.

But now imagine a life with a person who is exactly like you. A person who loves all the things that you do and enjoys life just the way you do. That is an ideal relationship that’s going to keep the both of you happy forever. Thoughts that embrace the same things and minds that think alike. These things help in a happy and loving relationship. You know you are focused towards the same things in life. That is what real attraction is like. You are attracted to everything the person likes, cherishes, admires and you want to build a life that is your dream as well as your partner’s. 

There are some beautiful things in a relationship that can be adored only together to make it inseparable and so complete. Quarrels and fights over small things may seem like fun. They are fun but quarrels for every small thing are not as fun as you imagine it to be. In the bigger picture you’ll end up against each other’s likes and beliefs. You need to like everything about a person to spend the rest of your life with the person. What they like has to be totally compatible with what you like to make your life very pleasant and your relationship a success. Take it again from us, don’t experiment with the saying with your relationship. It’s just the perfectly compatible soul who can become your soulmate.

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