I can't wait to see my clone!

I have always thought, will I ever get to meet a person who is just like me? I love crazy things. People around me always call me crazy for the things I do. To me, it just makes so much sense but is there nobody who gets me? Is there no one I can talk to about the crazy things I love? Is there anybody in this world who would want to accompany me one day and be a part of all my crazy adventures. 

Very occasionally I find people who like some crazy things I do, but somehow they find other things about me weird. This wait to find just one person from this whole wide world had become a never ending search now. 

Just recently I heard about IKY which gave an end to my never ending search. All that I was looking for was a person who wouldn’t really call me crazy. IKY gave me myself as another person. A person across the oceans, so far away in reality but so close to my heart. To be honest, I just saw myself as another person who likes every single thing that I do. A person as amazing as I am. Life has never been easier. I felt like this person completely got me, everything I did made sense to this person. I would even call her my clone, it was just so perfect that IKY helped me find the person I looked for in everyone. I found a person who proved to me that I wasn’t so crazy and living life this way is not really crazy. 

I found a perfect friend, a perfect person. I would actually say I found myself. Connecting with this person made me feel like I was on an adventure exploring myself. It was so beautiful to listen to someone admiring the things that I like. It felt like I was hearing my heart and soul speak through another person. Talking to this person moved my life to another direction. It made me feel sane and confident about the person I am, the things I do however crazy others say it is. It’s this person who made me realize that nobody is alone and there is someone out there in the world just like you, loving the same things you do. 

It's a feeling that's so special, it's a feeling that words cannot do justice to. It’s like life shows you a mirror and your reflection is another person but the other person is you. Though it's a little complicated to imagine, it will make sense if it happens to you. This person who you can completely connect with will change your life. You may have any number of people in your life who are close to you, your mother, father, best friend, sister, etc. but a perfect person who is your clone is all that you need to complete your life and make you understand that nothing about you is so crazy and all the things in life will suddenly make so much sense to you.

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